Alaska is a beautiful place full of natural resources, beautiful scenery and wonderful cultures, but it is also a place of dark secrets that few know about. When most of us think of Alaska, we think of the wonderful pictures of landscape, wildlife and native people that seem to have everything a person could want, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Alaska averages 126 suicides per year, which equals 1 suicide every 3 days. If we were to compare that to the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN population (3.2 million), there would be 12.8 suicides every 7 days.

Alaskan Native males commit suicide at rates of 68.5 per 100,000 populations; more than 6 times the national average.

Alaska is twice the size of Texas, yet two-thirds of the state is not accessible by any roads. It requires at least one, but often more than one, flight to reach many communities. Rural Alaska has some of the most unreached people in all of the United States. There are 150+ communities that have no consistent voice of the gospel regardless of denomination.

Alaska also has some of the highest rates of substance abuse, suicide and depression in the United States. Their suicide rate is twice the national average and triples that for native Alaskans

We believe that the answer to these and many other issues that plague the state is Jesus Christ.

We believe that we can see the face and heart of Alaska changed through the redemptive power of Christ.

Thank you for your interest in Arise Alaska Ministries. Tom Bobo, Director Arise Alaska Ministries, Inc.